A View from the Balcony

  • The Pillowman @ Risley Theater
    “There are no happy endings in real life.” – Katurian Katurian The Pillowman The House of Ithaqua Risley Theater March 23, 2019 I know, I know, it’s been a long time since writing. Not […]
  • Gloria Swansong @ The Brick
    “May you hear my feeble voice! It will tell you that here below there is a heart full of the memory of you.” – Herculine Barbin Transverse: An Autopsy of Gender Performed by Gloria Swansong NYC […]
  • Fire in my Bones @ The Kraine Theater
    "Like a 6'8" slice of chocolate cake." – Cookie Diorio Fire in my Bones Directed and Performed by Cookie Diorio With pianist Matthew Brower June 29, 2018 “The drag […]
  • Then She Fell
    "It's like we saw two different shows." – My friend Then She Fell by Third Rail Projects June 27, 2018 It’s almost inconceivable that I’ll be leaving New York City in […]
  • The Eleventh Hour @ Town Stages
    "She left me here alone in the minor D." – Nevin Denham The Eleventh Hour Smugbug Productions Town Stages, 221 West Broadway June 25, 2018 What do time travel, black holes, Neil […]
  • She Calls Me Firefly @ Soho Playhouse
    "I don't wanna talk about my problems, I wanna drink about 'em." – Ken She Calls Me Firefly A new play by Teresa Lotz The Huron Club @ The SoHo Playhouse June 21, 2018 […]
  • Secrets & Lies @ Caveat
    "There's a manhole cover in Brooklyn that leads to an underground world if you're daring enough to pick it up and climb down." – Emerie Snyder Secrets & Lies Caveat, NYC […]
  • Angels in America @ Neil Simon Theater
    "You cry, but you endanger nothing in yourself. It's like the idea of crying when you do it. Or the idea of love." – Prior Walter Angels in America Neil Simon Theater By Tony […]
  • Necromancers @ The Tank NYC
    "Have we made a mistake after all, Mrs. Epeira, and have you ten legs instead of eight?" – Alice Jean Patterson Necromancers of the Public Domain Presented by Theater of the Apes At […]
  • Happy Birthday, Wanda June @ The Gene Frankel Theater
    "What do you want her to do – bring the poor old jaguars back to life with a bicycle pump?" – Herb Shuttle Happy Birthday, Wanda June By Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Wheelhouse Theater […]
  • Kinky Boots @ Al Hirschfeld Theater
    "What can I do to allow you to keep existing on this planet?" – Lola Kinky Boots Book by Harvey Fierstein Music & Lyrics by Cyndi Lauper May 1, 2018 What do you say about a show […]
  • Big Green Theater 2018 @ The Bushwick Starr
    Big Green Theater 2018 Directed by Jeremy Pickard Presented by Superhero Clubhouse and The Bushwick Starr April 27, 2018 I wish I could convey just how  much I love Big Green Theater, but aside from […]
  • Rule of 7×7 @ The Tank
    Rule 7 | Olivia's Rule: The second-to-last line of the play is a Yes or No question. The last line of the play is the answer. Rule of 7×7 Spring Edition 7 writers | 7 rules | 7 new plays | […]
  • Saint Joan @ The Samuel J. Friedman Theater
    "It is for the Saint to kneel." Saint Joan By Bernard Shaw Manhattan Theatre Club at The Samuel J. Friedman Theatre April 24, 2018 The line between persistence and insanity is thin. Like a […]
  • Puffs @ New World Stages
    "Failure is just another form of practice." Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic By Matt Cox Directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker April 15, 2018 […]
    "If you just follow aesthetics with no purpose, you will lose yourself." SEAGULLMACHINE Created by The Assembly Conceived by Nick Benacerraf Co-directed by Jess Chayes & Nick […]
  • We Live By the Sea @ 59E59
    "Just because you can't see someone doesn't mean they're not there." We Live By The Sea Devised by Patch of Blue Directed by Alex Howarth April 14, 2018 Tom walked into my […]
  • A Note on Uncomfortable Laughter @ Caveat
    "Not even a joke we came up with, it just is." Death Becomes Her Caveat 21 A Clinton St New York, NY 10002 April 9, 2018 If you think you’re any kind of nerd and haven’t been […]
  • Leisure, Labor, Lust @ The Tank
    "There I was, going about my business, then a sewing thread lights up a room." Leisure, Labor, Lust Presented by The Tank Written & Directed by Sara Farrington April 8, 2018 Lighting […]
  • Three Tall Women @ John Golden Theater
    "I am here. And I deny you all." Three Tall Women By Edward Albee Directed by Joe Mantello April 4, 2018 There’s deep beauty to aging gracefully. Grey hairs and stooped back, the […]
  • Yerma @ Park Avenue Armory
    "Or is my life trying to ruin me?" Yerma Park Avenue Armory After Federico García Lorca Directed by Simon Stone April 2, 2018 Yerma has left me shaken. I find it difficult to write this […]
  • Children of a Lesser God @ Studio 54
    "In the beginning, there was silence." Children of a Lesser God Studio 54 By Mark Medoff Directed by Kenny Leon March 28, 2018 In the beginning was silence. Not silence as absence of sound, […]
  • The Ideal Obituary, @ The Tank NYC
    "Do you want more?" The Ideal Obituary The Tank, NYC With Liliana de Castro and Kevin Loreque March 22, 2018 I’ve only been to two funerals in my life. Well, more if you count family […]
  • The Band’s Visit, The Barrymore Theater
    "Embracing the rhythm of love that's exactly the same as the beat of your heart." The Band’s Visit The Barrymore Theater Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek Book by Itamar Moses […]
  • Assassins, Brooklyn Heights’ Professional Theater
    "Attention has been paid." Assassins: An American Musical Comedy Theater 2020 Brooklyn Heights’ Professional Theater Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by John Weidman Directed […]
  • Hotsy Totsy Burlesque and The Wiggle Room, at The Slipper Room
    "Introducing: My Ex Wife…!" Hotsy Totsy Burlesque & The Wiggle Room with Sir Richard Castle March 8, 2018 So I’m in Denver visiting my best friend. It’s a Monday night […]
  • Avenue Q, New World Stages
    "Is there anybody here it doesn't suck to be?" Avenue Q New World Stages Cast: Kerri Brackin Grace Choi Ben Durocher Jason Jacoby Nick Kohn Dana Steingold Danielle K. Thomas Creative […]
  • Flight, The McKittrick Hotel & Emurisve
    "Kabul, Tehran, Istanbul, Athens, Rome, London" Flight   Presented by The McKittrick Hotel & Emursive By Vox Motus Theater Company Based on the novel “Hinterland” by […]
  • {Flying} Dutchman, The Tank
    "I lie a lot. It helps me control the world." {Flying} Dutchman By Theater of War At The Tank NYC Directed by Christopher-Rashee Stevenson Cast: Malcolm B. Hines Jonathan Schenk Genee Alyse […]
  • Mr. Chekov and Mr. Porter, Medicine Show Theater
    "Life has passed by as if I never lived at all" Mr. Chekhov and Mr. Porter Medicine Show Theater Conceived by Regan Vann Batuello Developed by Janet Bentley & Andy Evan Cohen Cast: Aran […]
  • Cardinal, Second Stage Theater, Tony Kiser Theater
    "Time Passed and it Became Irrelevant" Cardinal 2nd Stage Theater Company At Tony Kiser Theater Carole Rothman (Artistic Director) Casey Reitz (Executive Director) Christopher Burney […]
  • Dog Sees God, Matthew Corozine Theater
    "There's Someone Laughing Every Time You Fail" Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead Matthew Corozine Theater Presented by Kevin Martinez and Matthew Corozine Studio […]
  • Ajijaak on Turtle Island, La Mama Experimental Theater
    Observations on Environmental Theater: A Cautionary Tale Ajijaak on Turtle Island La Mama Experimental Theater Club In Association with IBEX Puppetry Co-Directed by Ty Defoe and Heather Henson […]
  • A Chronicle of the Madness of Small Worlds, Nextdoor @ NYTW
    "Names Hem a Person In" A Chronicle of the Madness of Small Worlds Next Door @ NYTW Written by Mac Wellman Directed by Elena Araoz Cast: Anastasia Olowin Timothy Siragusa Produced by […]
  • America is Hard to See, Life Jacket Theater Company, HERE Arts Center
    "Careful or You'll Burn Down Everything" America is Hard to See Life Jacket Theater Company HERE Arts Center Cast: Ken Barnett Joyce Cohen John Carlin Amy Gaither Hayes David Spadora […]
  • The UndertakingThe Undertaking, Civilians Investigative Theater, 59E59
    "Underneath These Placid Gestures" The Undertaking The Civillians Investigative Theater Company 59e59 Theaters Written and Directed by Steve Cosson Conceived in Collaboration with Jessica […]