TheChisel "What's Your American Dream?" Launch

In 2018, 100+ guests from a vast array of interests, political leanings, ages, occupations, and ideas gathered at the National Press Club to celebrate the launch of TheChisel's What's Your American Dream? survey results book.

Not only did I design the book and coordinate all printing and publication, but I also managed all aspects of this newsworthy and influential gathering of thought leaders.

Theatrical Stage Management

My love of theater shines through Stage and Production Management, and I have worked in New York City at sold-out shows with Superhero Clubhouse (Big Green Theater, Pluto, The Living Stage), New Feet Productions (Arden/Everywhere), The Tank NYC (A Shot in the Dark), and Xavier Theater Company (The Chalice).

WhistlePig Grand Party

The WhistlePig Grand Party of 2016 brought 110 of the nation's top bartenders, distributors, retailers, and advocates to Shoreham, VT for a weekend of extravagant celebration.

I curated this event from soup to nuts, and made it the "industry event of the year."

WhistlePig Distillery Opening

In 2015, the WhistlePig Distillery in Shoreham, VT opened to the public.

I hosted all aspects of the event, drawing over 200 people from the local community.

The distillery has since produced some of the finest Rye Whiskey in America.