Oxford Swing Festival

Every year, I spearhead the design for the Oxford Swing Festival.

In 2014, it sold out in three weeks.

In 2017, it sold out in a day.

WhistlePig Distillery Infographics

In collaboration with Master Distiller Dave Pickerell, I created enormous infographics communicating essential aspects of the WhistlePig Distillery.

These images are a testament to the power of Rye, and the finesse required to create the best whiskey in the world.

Broken Spoke Bike Co-op

In 2012, I founded the Broken Spoke Bike Co-op to create a culture of cycling in Oxford, UK.

In 2013, we won the Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneurship Award, securing the highest amount in the award's history.

Six years later, they are still going strong.

Dance Promotion

A collection of illustrations and concepts for dance events around the world.